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Privacy Policy

Pando Mortgage NMLS #1585803 has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy.


We take seriously our responsibility to respect the confidentiality and security of non-public personal information – called “Consumer Information” in this notice. Our policy calls for safeguards to protect consumer information only by those who need access to do their work. The same holds true for our affiliated companies, which are companies that, now or in the future, we own (or control), or are owned (or controlled) by, or are under common ownership (or control) with. We also may maintain, as required by applicable federal regulations, physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your nonpublic personal information.

Information We Collect

We collect and use information about you from various sources. The amount and nature of the information collected and used vary from transaction to transaction, but the information described in the following five types:

  1. Information from you. The information you provide to us on applications, other forms, and by other means, such as your name, address, email, phone;
  2. Information from our experience and our affiliated companies’ experiences. Information about your transactions and account experience with us or our affiliated companies, such as parties to transactions, contract or lease balances, payment history, and communications and correspondence;
  3. Information from the experience of other parties. Information from other outside sources regarding their employment, credit or other relationships, account experience, or transactions with you, or verifying representations made by you, such as your employment history, credit balances, or your property or liability insurance coverage.
  4. Information from credit reports. Information supplied by consumer reporting agencies, such as information regarding your creditworthiness or credit history;
  5. Other general information. Other general information we obtain about you (such as demographic information) that is not assembled for the purpose of determining your eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or other products or services.


We may disclose any of the above five types of consumer information when permitted by law. For example, this may include a disclosure in connection with a subpoena of the similar legal process, a fraud investigation, recording motor vehicle registration and other documents in public records, an audit or examination.

What personal information is being collected?
The following information may be collected when you use this website: – your server address; – the date and time of your visit to the website; – the pages you accessed and the documents downloaded; – the previous web site you visited; and – the type of browser you are using. This information is collected for statistical purposes and to enable us to improve the navigation functions of our website. Where permitted by applicable law, third parties may be used from time to time to collect the above-listed information and information on your online activities. Additionally, this website may ask for specific personal information in order to respond to requests for information or to register users for particular services.

This can include but may not be limited to:

  1. First and last name.
  2. Home or other physical address which includes the name of a street and the name of a city or town.
  3. Electronic mail addresses.
  4. Telephone numbers.
  5. Social security number (via secure applications provided by 3rd Party Mortgage CRM)
  6. An identifier that allows a specific person to be contacted either physically or online.
  7. Other pieces of information that may be personally identified to you.

Who is collecting personal information?
Where this web site specifically asks for your personal information (for example to respond to requests for information or to register users for particular services), your personal information will only be collected by staff of Pando Mortgage NMLS #1585803 or by third parties engaged by Pando Mortgage NMLS #1585803 who have responsibility for responding to such requests or administrating such registrations.

Is your personal information shared?
Your personal information will not be forwarded to any unaffiliated third party for marketing or used for any similar purpose without your consent. To the extent allowed or required by applicable law, personal information collected on this website may be shared with third parties as necessary for Pando Mortgage NMLS #1585803 to provide requested services and shared with affiliated third parties for their operational purposes.

Cookies can be either “persistent” or “session” based. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer, contain an expiration date, and may be used to track your browsing behavior upon return to the issuing web site. Session cookies are short-lived, are used only during a browsing session, and expire when you quit your browser. Upon closing your browser the session cookie set by this website is destroyed and no personal information is maintained which might identify you should you visit our website at a later date.

Security of personal information collected on this website
This website does not provide facilities to guarantee the secure transmission of information across the Internet. While reasonable efforts are used to provide security, users should be aware that there are inherent risks in the transmission of information across the Internet.

Outside Links
This website may on occasion provide links to other websites for your convenience or additional information. Pando Mortgage NMLS #1585803 is not responsible for any content or practices of these websites.

Your Rights
You can request access to the personal information (if any) that we keep on record. If you believe any information that we keep on record is incorrect or out of date you may request that it be corrected. There is no fee for requesting access to your information, however, we may charge you the reasonable cost of processing your request.

How consumers are notified of material changes to this policy
From time to time, Pando Mortgage NMLS #1585803 may make material changes to the Privacy Policy posted to this website. When such changes are made, Pando Mortgage NMLS #1585803 shall post a summary of the changes immediately following the Privacy Policy.

The effective date of this policy
This policy is effective from September 9, 2018.


Notification of Material Changes to Privacy Policy
The most recent material changes to the above Privacy Policy are listed below.

Collection of information
Language was added to this policy clarifying how personal information may be collected, what kinds of personal information may be collected, and who is collecting it.

Sharing of personal information
The language was added to this policy clarifying how personal information may be shared.

Sharing of personal information
Language was added to this policy explaining how consumers are notified of material changes to the Privacy Policy.

Policy Effective Date
The language was added to this policy notifying consumers of the Privacy Policy’s effective date.