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We at Pando Mortgage are changing the game by providing unique products, cutting-edge technology, outside-the-box lending solutions, and most importantly the very best customer service in the industry. You will not find more caring, hardworking, honest, and detail-oriented loan originators on the entire planet. In addition to unbeatable rates for FHA, VA and USDA loans, and A-Paper loans that close in 20 days, we are also able to get lending for the following situations:

Conventional Home Loans - Products

A Conventional Home Loan, also known as a Conforming Loan, can offer great rates, flexible qualifying guidelines & terms because it conforms to standards set by agencies that help regulate the mortgage industry.

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FHA Home Loans - Products

Popular with first-time home buyers FHA loans are ideal for borrowers with little cash saved up for a down payment, and those who have less-than-ideal credit and cannot qualify for a conventional loan.

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A product for home buyers that are looking for financing to cover repairs on a home. Credit requirements are similar to the more well-known FHA product but this product allows for you to finance in upgrades on your dream home.

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Jumbo Loan Products

A Jumbo Loan is designed for those looking to go above the county limit. Most importantly for home buyers, Jumbo loans make it possible to buy more expensive homes. If you’re buying a high-priced home and you don’t make a size-able down payment, a Jumbo loan may be your best option.

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VA Home Loans - Products

A VA loan is a $0 down payment mortgage is fully backed by the U.S. government and is one of the most attractive and flexible mortgages available. The VA loan was specifically designed to honor our Veterans, active-duty military personnel and select military spouses with getting into a home of their own.

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CRA Loan Products Community Reinvestment Act Program

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is a financing vehicle that came out of legislation that encouraged depository institutions to help meet the credit needs of surrounding communities. Pando Mortgage has paired with lenders that are committed to helping borrowers qualify for these loans.

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Non QM Loan Products

Some lenders opt to offer non-QM products to individuals that do not fit into a QM product. Pando Mortgage has paired with some of those lenders to offer its’ clients the best fit of financing for their needs. Many borrowers who could not qualify for a mortgage before due to the strict lending guidelines on QM loan programs can now qualify.

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